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Article from Issue #017

CineBloggers - The Free Movie Blog Directory

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We are very proud to present the premier of the quintessential movie blog directory for readers and bloggers alike. We have called this community 'CineBloggers', after the people who write about movies because they love to and want to share their ideas and discussions with eager readers looking for a unique voice. Now, for absolutely free, you can discover new blogs and promote your own site without scouring the internet for hours.

You may still end up spending hours digging through our directory, but only because you're finding what you've been looking for all this time. You won't find dead sites that haven't updated in months or pages of nothing but affiliate links and banner ads. Though we don't discriminate which blogs are approved as far as coding and graphic design are concerned, we make sure every one is maintained in a respectable and professional manner.

CineBloggers - The Free Movie Blog Directory

Now you can find the CineBloggers pages under the "CineBloggers" tab on the main menu throughout the entire site which will provide everything you need to know whether you're a blogger or a reader. Readers can sort blogs by their personal interests to find the movie niche they're looking for and comment on their respective profile pages. Bloggers simply need to submit their site and keep updated periodically for more free promotional opportunities.

Submit Your Blog

There's plenty of incentives for bloggers to check back here often. Your site doesn't only get one go-around and then disappear into the sea of submissions. We will post a call out for reviews or discussions pertaining to various directors, actors, years, genres, etc. Then we'll feature that topic's movies with a link to your article on the front page. But you have to answer the call for us to know about your article. There will also be contests where your participation will result in further exposure to new readers. That's just the ideas we have for the beginning stages and we're sure to expand quickly.

Now it's your turn. Write to us and tell us what you do and don't like about CineBloggers so we can improve the experience for everyone. Bare with us as we begin to approve our first blogs (which are already coming in fast) and the community grows. Be proud to be a part of the club and spread the word to all your movie-loving friends!

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