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Issue #033 — March 13 th 2012

New Releases March 13th 2012

[Our editor, Emily Bloom, brings you the best new releases in her "DVD / Blu Review" article. No filler, no hype, only movies and TV shows we personally buy.]

After sorting through all the new releases this week, we've narrowed them down to the top 10 plus our regularly featured "Pick of the Week". This assortment of titles depends on a few four-movie collections for the best overall deals. But I'm really excited about the PotW which is one of my favorite modern movies to be highlighted since October. Remember, the suggested movies and TV shows in this article are only the best (not always most popular) to hit shelves and we will never be bought off by studios to promote something we don't enjoy. The links below take you to the title's Amazon page where you can support our site without spending a dollar more than you would anyway.

Pick of the Week: The Adventures of Tintin [3-D]
The Adventures of Tintin Blu-ray 3-D cover art

It's difficult to put into words how relieving my "sigh of relief" felt when I first saw The Adventures of Tintin after having such high hopes for it. I've always loved the few comics I've read over and over since childhood and of course I love Steven Spielberg and Peter Jackson but I have also always hated motion capture. Every single previous CGI motion capture has been so off the mark that it's ruined the movie experience for me and I was nervous that the mouths wouldn't match the words, the eyes would just be odd, and the movement would be too fluid and exaggerated. Fortunately, The Adventures of Tintin pretty much nailed every point I had concerns over and the adventure itself is classic 80's Spielberg fun! I'm only left wanting more and I'm sure this first installment will grow on me even further when it has a couple of sequels to be viewed with back-to-back.

Theatrical gimmicks are only my kind of thing when they're the William Castle variety but 3-D (or just plain 3D as it's being stylized these days) will never attract me in any fashion. The effect doesn't work for me and, though my eyes may just be crossed, more than likely those that do actually see 3D only see it because they're convincing their brains of it. I've made the 3D Blu-ray the PotW only because some people seem to enjoy it and you can always watch the regular 2D version. Also, the cover art is better. As for the bonus material on both Blu versions, we get a solid amount but I can't help but feel that more content is being saved for future tie-ins for the sequels. What's the deal with no commentary for a movie of this caliber? We have a director and producer that are in love with the source material, energetic and likely willing actors, and Tintinologists (Tintin historians) that could have contributed. But we get nothing.

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Other titles of note are the thrilling new TV show The Killing - The Complete First Season which I can't wait to finish and jump into the second season when the killer is rumored to be revelead. I'm sure we'll be talking more in length about this one in future articles and on Twitter. One of the more specialty movies is the cult oddity Wizards on Blu-ray, a Ralph Bakshi creation. If you've seen his work, you know what to expect. If you haven't, there's no describing it. Curiosity seekers dig in. Just don't confuse it with 'Wizard', the Fred Savage/Super Mario Bros. 3 movie with the infamous Power Glove. Still, I love both… they're so bad.

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