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Issue #017 — November 22 nd 2011

New Releases November 22nd 2011

[Our editor, Emily Bloom, brings you the best new releases in her "DVD / Blu Review" article. No filler, no hype, only movies and TV shows we personally buy.]

There's a lot of great titles out this week, both classic and fresh out of theaters. Some of which I've been waiting a long time for and now they're here in time for the holidays. If you want to support us without paying an extra penny, you can buy any of these movies and shows by using our links to Amazon where we get a small cut of their profits. That allows us to keep up this column but be assured that all recommendations are totally genuine. I appreciate it in advance.

Pick of the Week: Criterion Collection: 12 Angry Men [Blu]
Criterion Collection: 12 Angry Men Blu-ray cover art

This one completely snuck up on me and I'm grateful for it. Of all the movies this company has had the rights to, I've never been more excited than I have about the Criterion Collection: 12 Angry Men release. The layers of awesomeness in the story, acting, and direction are the perfect match for Criterion's level of love and care. I never thought I would include so many CC Blu-rays in this column, especially as "Pick of the Week" but they've done an excellent job this year. The new cover art alone is just a great addition that perfectly encompasses the feel of the movie. On the other hand it doesn't do much at all for those who haven't seen it yet but anyone that hasn't seen 12 Angry Men isn't a real person anyway, right?

The thing with Criterion releases and bonus content is that it makes a double-dip worth it. The special features almost never spread over from another studio's release and are lengthy enough to justify a purchase. This 12 Angry Men set features a good amount of material but lacks the commentary and featurettes from the MGM version. I still wish it had a commentary of it's own but you should know by now that I'm a big believer in having no excuses for no audio commentary. There's always someone involved with the movie or someone worth listening to that was inspired by it to provide this most basic of special features.

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Among the rest of the releases are Super 8 which is definitely worth a look and the new Conan which I unfortunately haven't had a chance to see yet. But there is the ¡Three Amigos! Blu-ray and my personal long-awaited title The Adventures of Tintin - Season One that I can put my seal of approval on. A surprise treat just may be the Beauty and the Beast midquels (or at least one of them) which were reviewed here last week. Fortunately, the best one is also Christmas themed.

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