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CineBloggers - Submission Form

The more detailed you are in the submission form, the more likely readers will visit your site. Of course, all our blogs deal with movies so explain why yours is unique and what makes it worth their time. Be creative with the bonus question and take advantage of the opportunity to express your personality and stand out above the others. You can see a sample submission by clicking here.

The questions below only concern the movie portion of your site. If your blog discusses TV, books, video games, etc., select the "Non-Movie Topics" box in the "Features" field whether the subject is movie related or not. For example, a review of a Star Wars graphic novel would be considered a non-movie topic. All approved blogs relate to movies in SOME way at least half the time. If you want to include links in the form, e-mail me at the address below after your submission is sent.

Submission is closed until spam is under control. Sorry for the inconenience.

Don't forget to link back to us, it's all we ask in return. You can either directly link to us, pick a CineBlogger widget from our gallery, or frequently mention us in your podcasts or videos. After submitting, we will send you no more than two emails per month requesting your site's articles in specific categories for further exposure on the front page. You can opt-out of these emails.

If you have any questions, e-mail Christian at: