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"Star Trek: The Original Series" - Gene Roddenberry on Set and Pilots

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We're beginning to include more TV shows on CineWeekly that capture the cinematic qualities of movies. We're all about the art of storytelling on the film and digital video formats and we'll include anything that falls into that description. To keep clear of controversy, the first television series we've chosen to spotlight is Star Trek: The Original Series.

We have some great shots from the original pilot "The Cage" (w/o William Shatner) and the second pilot "Where No Man Has Gone Before" (w/ William Shatner). Though no more than the back of Shatner actually appears in this week's images, you'll find them to be a rare look at iconic events in TV history. You'll even find creator Gene Roddenberry on set with Leonard Nimoy and a post-apocalyptic Mayberry.

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