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"The House on Haunted Hill" - Vincent Price and William Castle

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I'm very proud to present these photos from one of my all-time favorite movies and likely my favorite horror movie of all, House on Haunted Hill. This is one of the few classic movies that I remember the first time watching when growing up. SPOILER ALERT: The opening blood-curdling scream has affected me more than any single scene in a movie and is the basis of my drive to share my movie experiences with others. Nothing will ever chill me to the bone quite like that first time. Except maybe the blind woman's appearance. I hope to have much more on this title soon but, for now, I share these two excellent images. The first is of Vincent Price dancing with the skeleton from the acid bath and the other is Price with eccentric director William Castle as they goof off with, I believe, makeup artist Jack Dusick.

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