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March 2012 - Issue #032-035

Issue #033

Queue-riosities returns but if I were you, I'd jump straight to the House on Haunted Hill behind-the-scenes pictures. It's one of our favorite movies of all time and we'll be more than happy to feature it in any way we can in future articles. Following our formula for highlighting movies that are neglected on other sites, we bring you a review of one of the greatest 1980's sci-fi and action movies headlining the iconic Snake Plissken. You won't find these topics anywhere else.

Issue #032

Lots of exciting things are happening here at CineWeekly and we're bringing you some of our exclusives in this latest issue. Rare behind-the-scenes photos of James Dean with prolific actors, a companion book review for an obscure (yet classic) sci-fi TV series, and more will satisfy your nostalgic cinematic craving. At least for the next week until we return with humorous images from easily the best haunted house movie ever.

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