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November 2011 - Issue #014-018

Issue #018

It wasn't until the publication deadline that I realized this issue may be a favorite among the hipsters. I'm not going to single out which stereotypical cliques may be interested in which articles, but the alternative, nerdy, indie, and emo crowds will all find at least one article to enjoy. Most importantly, this week, is the fact that we check back in with our roots in the "Behind-the-Scenes" column and showcase a few photographs rather than another of our recent book reviews.

Issue #017

This is a big issue for us because we're premiering the free movie blog directory, CineBloggers. It's our local resource for both readers and bloggers to easily find and share the best movie blogs on the internet. That's only one article though, and it's not even the one to star 12 Angry Men or The Walking Dead. We also more than make up for the lack of foreign, sports, and comedy movie reviews with a feature that covers all the bases. And no, that's not a baseball reference.

Issue #016

To us, it's important that Chuck Norris doesn't go down in this generation's history as merely a running internet joke. He was (and maybe still is) a great action star with pure cheese for movies. But that's what we want out of 80's action films! We give him a review from a clean slate this week. Then there's a book review of the most in-depth publication I have ever seen and it just so happens to be on the best drama that TV has had to offer, The Twilight Zone.

Issue #015

Our movie review this week probably should have been delayed for New Year's Eve due to it's setting but it's such a great movie that we couldn't wait. We stick to our instincts and favor giant monsters over two Brando releases putting ourselves in the crosshairs of another controversy. Then we throw two book reviews on you: one being a definitive behind-the-scenes publication, the other a memoir of the man responsible for bringing The Dark Knight to the big screen.

Issue #014

Well the haunted holiday isn't over yet here at CineWeekly. We couldn't resist yet another article featuring the Wolf Man in some incarnation. The "Special Feature" column showcases the rare unproduced script of the Universal Monster movie that never was. We answer your most commonly asked questions in our first edition of "Reader Mail", bring you only the best in new home releases, and form an assault on a precinct that's confused over it's own number.

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